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Writer and photographer

Writing without genre boundaries, capturing moments, places and people is what my soul and spirit require.



What's it all about anyway?

After three main professions spanning five countries, continents, learning four languages and further travel; finding my own teachers, observation, thought, words, and the captured image became a consuming necessity.




Photography commissions.

Various music festivals. Private photo commissions, digital and decorative art prints.



If you would like to help make more free works possible; donate via to



For those who have a passion for the written word, whatsoever the magical spell it may weave, likewise photography and the sum of shades it can reveal.



What tempered joy without a story teller,

captured image to inspire wonder, with that,

music and dance to flow into trance.



“Care about people’s approval, and you will always be their prisoner.” – Lao Tzu.


Home spun vids for fun



Interested in an A3 bordered print ready for frame mounting?


Currently accepting private print commission requests by email. For the connoisseur and enthusiast. Themes and styles to suite every taste, decor and style, both at home or in the office. Commercial stock images also available.


Print price includes; image on prime quality paper, individually signed and numbered on the reverse side. Personally dispatched by registered post in hard card tube.