There Is Good News Despite It All

posted 10/2019


We are bombarded with bad news. Amazing and brilliant things happen all around the world every day. Seeds are planted where miracles may arise. Press releases of ongoing stories from 2017, to be updated.


Turn on and tune in to mass news media misery, war, murder, political pirate plunderers, crime, corruption, corporate greed, the business of the sports world, and continuous climate weather warnings. Wade through regional propaganda associated press releases, censorship, deceit, social conditioning for the consensus of opinion, and wonder at the illusionary diseased democracy of liers. All served with choice sprinklings of truth or deception for good measure. The unpopular fact is that so much information is unreliable, incomplete or tailored, even seeing might not be believing any longer. More than often there is a story behind the story which never becomes news. I hear someone say fake, but if only it were that binary simple, for even the binary is broken (added sarcastically). Confusing, no doubt. One might even guess at a global madness that makes the method of the management of the world completely insane, though scarily typical, illogical and unwise. Doses of philosophy and poetry might appease to get through an apparent planed misery, financial bondage and general  machinations of power created terrors transparent to so many. Paraphrasing the old quote. “The journey to freedom can only commence when one realises they are a slave in invisible bondage.”


In spite of all this, good, wonderful and amazing things happen all around the world to feed our belief in sanity, wisdom, humanity and simple common sense. It’s a tough road, but even Seneca said that evil cannot remain forever. Now that’s a hope filled fruitful thought to bear in mind. Making time to read good news articles from around the world is something we owe ourselves.


Irish Parliament’s New Fuel Divestment Bill.
The bill scheduled to pass into law by an overwhelming majority will divest billions from polluting energy sources.


Disposable Plastic Banned From Delhi.
India Times reported that the country was responsible for 60% of the worlds disposable plastic dumped at sea. The nation’s concern in conjunction with the efforts of the National Green Tribunal brought about the prohibition.


3 atom wide fibres create electricity generating fabric.
A research team created incredibly fine wires using diamonds. The limits of the development and application could be endless.


Consumer Power Changing Corporate Activity.
It is a historically recent phenomena nonetheless significant. With the rise in consumer awareness due to independent research; consumers are becoming more aware of the lack of ethical behaviour by corporate governing bodies and are forcing changes with the power of their purchasing potential.

World Tree Planting Projects.

Recently the biggest tree planting project occurred in India sees fifty million planted. Also in the UK ninety-five thousand were planted in the Manchester area. Though satellite imagery indicates greening in arctic desert areas of northern Canada, as well as the higher C02 content causing faster growth; our life giving fellow inhabitants require help in ancient tropical forest areas where amazing cures could be waiting to be discovered.


The Pharmaceutical Industry Under Scrutiny.
With the increase in awareness through independent research, the return of many extreme benefits of unadulterated substances from nature, coupled with the placebo effect an the growing lack of trust in the big pharmaceuticals and some controversy about research foundations and adulterated data; better and effective medicines could be on the horizon.


Meditation Music Health Benefits.
This music classification has been tested on a wide variety of general and specific ailments and found beneficial to varying degrees. The word of advice is; find appropriate or personally pleasing variations of the music holding tones, rhythms, sounds and instrumentation and play it often.


Projects To Save Tigers And Snow Leopards.
A diamond mining project dropped in exchange for one to save tigers. Nepal makes effort for snow leopards. Great lengths are being taken to secure the future of this magnificent species.


Limiting The Use of Non Essential Chemicals.
Various industrial food producers and retail outlets have listened to the leanings of the market and are restructuring their products for the greater health alternative demands. The general rise in people’s awareness of environment, health and the industries within those sectors has increased sharply despite the discovered corruption within some of those profitable organisations that purport to be acting for the good of the people and planet.



New Mining Law.

El Salvador is the smallest country in central America. Known more for the problems it has had in the past; a glimmer reveals itself from the ground. In an effort to protect its resources and water from pollution from mining and agricultural chemical runoff; laws have been passed to ensure a cleaner and better future. Use of cyanide and mercury in mining has been banned. In other countries the mining giants and their practices have caused many problems and violent riots. The lawmakers concluded that these industries did not reduce poverty, increase prosperity or protect the land from damage or subsequently the health of the inhabitants.

India’s Solar Stations.
The Solar Mission of the Indian Railways according to French Finance Minister in 2017, saw the installation of over three hundred solar panels at Indian railway stations to reduce the need for combustable fuel, creating savings as well as the benefits for the local environments. There are plans to expand the project well beyond the initial figures set by the Solar Mission.


They purposely called it ‘fossil fuel.’ Years of research by chemical, geological engineers and scientists as well as statements by one of the fathers of geology at the turn of the nineteenth century in the USA tell a different story. To paraphrase. “To think that petroleum is a resource purely of crushed trees and millions of years old debris is foolish.” Hence the abiotic petro-fuel scientific model as a time dependent regenerative aspect of the earth. It is believed that the emphasis on promoting the term ‘fossil fuel’ would allow for the prices to be fixed higher, the resource being considered finite. As a byproduct it has its uses, however it is widely accepted in alternate and exotic energy communities that it is not required for mass transport or grid production. The documentary of the Oil Oligarchy is illuminating with regard to aspects of this discussion and industry.


Fighting Large Scale Propaganda.
In Grenoble the current mayor’s election promises was to remove the out door public advertising from marketing companies and place trees and public notice boards in its place. Though advertising will remain in public transportation stands; the contract is scheduled to terminate in 2019. More than 320 signs comprising of billboards and advertising signs were removed starting 2015. Lost revenue from advertising is estimated to be in the region of six hundred thousand euros. Freeing the spaces for public expression and greening was deemed of greater value.


Fighting Loneliness In The Big City.
A group of UK commuters decided to combat loneliness by handing out free badges with the slogan “Happy To Chat.” Loneliness is calculated to affect some nine million people in the UK, hence the Commission on Loneliness project. Aside from working with other groups to raise the awareness in communities; they encourage people to call on a neighbour, visit an elderly relative or make that promised call to a friend. Happier people lead more fulfilled healthier lives.


Clean Taxi Power.
Beijing’s city taxi force is set to change radically. Seventy-thousand fuel burning vehicles will be replaced with battery powered models. A target date has not been set for what seems like a monumental project that could pave the way for similar sustainable and environmentally friendly projects. New vehicles added to the taxi service will also be battery powered. The price of batteries is falling much faster than expected. Two major new battery technologies propose not only cheaper and better production but, unprecedented increases in range and shorter charging time. The Chines government will provide further financial incentives for the new battery powered taxis.

Green Breathing Buildings.
China demonstrates again that it treats pollution problems seriously. An Italian architect’s two tower designs are scheduled to be built in China. The Nanjing Towers in the Pukou district will be populated with one thousand trees and two thousand five hundred plants. It is estimated that they will provide sixty kilograms of oxygen daily. The building heights span three hundred to six hundred and fifty feet and house hotels, office space, apartments, restaurants and exhibition halls.


Global Food Companies Agree on labels to Cut Food Waste.
Top food companies have agreed to implement the new labelling system by 2020 to avoid food wastage. Though on the surface this is good; the issue still remains with regard to correctly labelling GMOs and contents. Of the companies involved such as Wal-Mart, Kellogg, Nestle and Unilever; these have had investigations into their products and practices that can cause long term harm to consumers.


Dropping Death Rates in:
Breast cancer, malaria, measles, child disease related fatalities, Child deaths from vehicle collisions, maternal deaths, aviation, stroke,  smoking related.
The First Negative Emissions Plant.
Representatives in Reykjavik proudly announced the negative emissions plant. CarbFix 2 named project will channel C02 it dissolves with water and pumps into basaltic rock forming solid minerals. It reduces C02 with a byproduct of environmentally friendly building materials. Iceland itself is not heavily vegetated with C02 consuming plant life and ratio studies may be required for viability in other parts of the world.

There Are More Decent People
Recent tragedies have shown how it is local people rather than governments and charities that act quickest in the face of such disasters. Whilst politicians act appalled, debate over the hows, wheres and whys, then helicopter in to shake hands for a photo opportunity, as the large administration plush offices of charities sort out their logistics; it is the local people who do whatever they can. Such as furnishing store owners making their store available for refuge. People using their boats to ferry people to safety in flooded areas or restaurant owners providing food before relief is organised.


We don’t have to be the best, but we can be better. Updates and new stories scheduled.



In News We Trust... As If!

posted 10/2019


If it's on television... Experts tell us... Seeing is believing... Political broadcast; it must be true. We live in a democracy and we have freedom of the press to report truth, unlike some other countries. Not by a long stretch. The naivety is diminishing. The general public are not so much the rabble of morons the repugnant intelligentsia would have you believe. In fact, it appears we used to be more intelligent, yet more naive and trusting..


‘Journalism is popular, but it is popular mainly as fiction. Life is one world, and life seen in the newspapers is another.’ – Gilbert K. Chesterton.


‘People everywhere confuse what they read in newspapers with news.’ – A. J. Liebling.


‘To swallow and follow, whether old doctrine or new propaganda, is a weakness still dominating the human mind.’ - Charlotte Perkins Gilman.

‘Laziness has become the chief characteristic of journalism, displacing incompetence.’ – Kingsley Amis.

‘The newspapers of the twenty-first century will give a mere ‘stick' in the back pages to accounts of crime or political controversies, but will headline on the front pages the proclamation of a new scientific hypothesis.’ – Nikola Tesla.


‘Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.’ – Joseph Goebbels.

‘The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of significance in the major media.’ – William Colby, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Newspapers actually tell a truth; after it has been censored, edited, redrafted and prepared in a way to give just a shadow of the full picture for consumption. Newspapers and truth have no business being in the same sentence.




Over the last ten to fifteen years, high street newspaper sales have seen a fall. Much was media explained as the rise of the internet and mobile device web based information access. A growing percentage is less vocally attached to independent web based sources. The latter are only expressed in the media when referred to as conspiracy nutcases, tin foil hat wearers, racists, bigots and just about any demographic easily demonised or considered extreme. Basically anyone who isn’t ‘normal’ and believes the mass media loudspeaker is gospel. The method of using ridicule of opposition is dated and proves incrementally problematic in light of evidence.


It is generally near impossible to find impartial journalists, journalism or newspapers. In the first instance the medium seems to go counter to the task envisioned. Secondly, the few investigative type journalists who took time to build pieces post a PI style hunt are as an endangered species down to the last handful, if at all. Finally, any ethics, code of conduct, honesty and morals can be thrown right out the window. All those reasons are demonstrable.


Whom will teach perspicacity, discernment or reason? We can be confident that these are not illustrious curricula criteria; unless they form part of a cognitive dogma of an establishment nature. It certainly will not be found in the pages of any newspaper publication, because that’s there to tell you what’s what. What you should believe, and the way you should think about the acts at large, nationally and or internationally.


The above quotes regarding newspapers speak volumes about the harsher facts to consider on the subject of what passes for news, newspapers and journalism. Like all organisations; there is something behind them. Some may consider it equally if not more concerning the people, groups and organisations that hold the puppet strings of the news medium. To speak out the names of more than ninety percent of them would bring insult, innuendo, trolls and a viciousness that would be astonishing in disproportion for stating fact. What are the organisations, clubs, groups and societies these individuals and or groups form part of? That is revealing in itself and moreover should be of great concern; especially for those who open a paper or turn to a news channel in the hope of being informed, rather than misinformed, manipulated or even worse; psychologically engineered and indoctrinated into a group think of someone else’s choosing.


‘…and now main titles and weather. As we see, climate change, fossil fuels, cow farts, hamburgers, hairspray, your holiday flights and C02 is very bad for the planet, but it’s less important that trees love it, that it makes them grow faster with increased oxygenataion. Petro-pharma-chem is making the world much better, and all science is good!’

‘…sshh. No more ozone stories. Better not tell them the truth about that.’