Children's Works: Stories from Brook Meadows book series

Pit & Pat’s Great Adventure









An Unlikely Hero

Peter the platypus escapes a ship on the high seas and finds himself sticking out like a sore thumb in his new found home in the meadows. Even though thought odd Dimple the duck thinks he's the most amazing animal she has ever seen.


Grandquaks On A Wing And A Prayer

It’s time for one last migration south and nothing is going to stop Grandquaks search for finer weather.

Pepe The Penguin Goes To Mexico

Pepe has had it with life on the ice and hand having to stand all huddled together lake sardines in a tin can. Perhaps a holiday is in order.



Other Children's Works


Weebu The Wobbly Pot Maker And The Majestical Magical Master


















Short Story Volumes


Stories From Elsewhere County Vol1 














The First Gate   (incomplete project)

Mystery adventure. Since recorded time one group has sought the first gate, to travel beyond the

earthly realm in search of power, wealth, conquest and the greatest of knowledge. The other has spent equal time attempting to stop their progress. The keeper of the key was chosen since childhood, now an average unsuccessful failure of an adult  he must accomplish the unthinkable surrounded by villains, dangers and allies he is ignorant of.   


Whose Birdy   (incomplete project)            

Kan, a petty criminal dedicated to imports and exports of sorts hides something from everyone, even himself. The streets are increasingly dangerous. A serial killer is on the loose and the authorities are no nearer to his capture. What could a power climbing politician, an alcoholic detective and Kan do have in common.   


The Gathering   (incomplete project)

Worlds between time and space are linked by a thread few have grasped. From swords and creatures wild to things modern, what can be done if you are not where you thought you should be.



Travel Written Works


Travel Shorts   (incomplete project)

A volume of short travel stories and odd experiences. Definitely not a guide to the best beaches,

resorts, hotels or tourist novelties. Story extracts available through the articles page link on the home



From Stockholm To Koh Chang    (incomplete project)

A middle aged man takes his first trip to south east Asia and finds plenty of oddities and the bizarre in

himself as well as others. Travel and smidgens of satire, but don't expect tourism advice.



Poetry And Other Works


The Angry Poet












Ever had a brother or sister you didn’t get along with? Two mice named Pit and Pat are no different. They take every opportunity to disagree, even if one knows the other is right. Recommended for 8-11 reading ages. Suggested for reading by parents or guardians to younger children. Satire content will appeal to children and adults alike on different levels. Elements of the satire lead to educative instruction. The story has a positive character development sub narrative. Efforts have been made to craft a fiction for guiding and empowering children with worthy attributes.

Murder, mystery and the bizarre. Elsewhere County appears deceptively ordinary. It can be unwittingly glanced out of the corner of one’s eye. An intuitive itch or oddly pricked curiosity might be a precursor to its discovery. It is found by few in the most mundane of places, perhaps in a shoddy corner café, the local station or an innocuous narrow side streets. It resembles any place we care to frequent, but that is where similarities end and Elsewhere County begins. Prepare to have your belief suspended.


Poems, thoughts and philosphy.

A volume of selected poems, thoughts across differing subjects with some symbolic monochrome photographic works.

gallery/weebu cover

What if you were one of the oddest of creatures, in the strangest of lands, who always made wobbly pots when everyone else made perfect pots? (Illustrations by Diptee Thapa and written by Jon Solis).

To try and fail, be teased by others displeased; might cause you to go another way. Wobbly pot Weebu comes across a Majestical Magical Master, or Magi, as preferred for short, receives a curious gift and learns a valuable lesson.

Illustrations by Diptee Thapa and written by Jon Solis.
Approx. book stats: 54 page full spread colour illustrations. 2,600 words. Reading ages: 7-9 approx. Due to full colour spread illustrations, suggested for reading to younger ages.


This book was carefully crafted over several years with numerous edits to provide a story that will  uplift and give courage to children of all walks of life. And is expressly free of any type of modern psychological conditioning which is know to be harmful to healthy children's development.