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Is credulity in the questionable costing humanity its freedom, health, a potentially brighter, abundant and prosperous future?

The fact is, trust in the honesty of mass news media is at its lowest level in history. Alternative and citizen journalism astonishingly rises in following.

We accept that politicians deceive and lie to us constantly. Growing numbers realise mainstream news media is no different.

"A spoonful of truth in a bucket of lies makes people sooner or later realise."


Ever growing scepticism, doubt and disbelief in mass news media cannot be easily dismissed. Regardless of the profession, subject matter or academic standing of the dogmatic and propaganda mouthpieces; the demographic from all social strata that don't trust media, politicians, pharmaceutical, industrial, NGOs and organisation figureheads is at record highs. Growing amount of damning facts, data and proof is circulating in the public domain about heinous crimes. These same incredulous are seeing judges of high courts act in poor faith to their oaths allowing the rich powerful elites to commit all manner of crimes from child abuse, mass murder and bioweapon mass genocide.


The sceptics, investigators and professionals of good standing are shut down, censored, publicly derided, or labelled 'conspiracy theorists' regardless of facts and data. That classic suppression name calling protocol originates from three letter agency's counter intelligence program handbooks, as does the 'conspiracy' label originate from said agencies.


Every effort is made to base articles on verifiable data when published, though some objective observations may be inclusive for discussion purposes. Any inaccuracies or changes to the data or facts will be cross-referenced, corrected whenever possible and appear as addendums. We welcome emails pointing out any item that needs rectifying.


NOTICE: Content might not reflect the views held by the provider. The provider accepts no responsibility or liability for its use or interpretation. Where information appears; it is subject to the accuracy of the sources or discoveries thereafter, whether verified accurate or with degrees of accuracy or inaccuracy, deliberate or coincidental. Content recipients have the personal responsibility for their own investigation, research and reason. Always get a second, third or even fourth opinion because one never knows the interests of the preson supplying the information.


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