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Weebu The Wobbly Pot Maker & The Majestical Magical Master

by Jonathan Alan Solis.

Weebu is an odd little fellow who lives in a village where they make marvellous pots. Weebu's pots never turn out like those of others, in fact they are rather wobbly. One day Weebu decides he's had enough, and decides to leave pot making behind, along with the village where he lives. An encounter with a magical master changes everything.

Pit & Pat's Great Adventure

by Jonathan Alan Solis.

Pit and Pat are brothers, and mice. They live in a burrow in Brook Meadows. They like to bicker a lot, and bickering about all is mostly what they do. Then a tin of beans lands close to their home and they embark on an adventure to find a can opener and get at those beans before the field mouse championship games. Adventures and dangers lie ahead, and their lives are changed for ever.

Stories From Elsewhere County

by Jonathan Alan Solis.

Vol 1. Five short stories. Criminal, mystical, and mystery.

The Antique Emporium. The owner always seems to have that amazing one of kind antique the important and wealthy collector is looking for, but nothing is as it seems.

Mr Pye's Surprise. Mr Pye is unsurpassed in the town vegetable growing competitions and jelousy turns up mystery and misadventure.

Tabitha Cash. Tabitha has an accident in childhood that causes a change in her mind and she uses that edge to change her life, but things don't go according to plan.

The Log Cabin. An imaginative and precocious little girl who makes friends with an elderly toy maker, a friendship beyond the fabric of life.

Tit For Tat. A couple of veterans have a chance encounter in a train station bar and catch up on each other's lives, and yet there are no coincidences.